GB Standards and Norms for China

2023-04-04 16:34:31 By : Ms. Fancy Zhong

Product conformity in China is based on various standards and norms which apply regardless of whether the products are manufactured locally or imported. The most important group are the GB standards (GB stands for Guobiao, Chinese for “National Standard”). In addition to these, there are also other relevant standards.

These standards are administered by various authorities. The two most important authorities in the field of standards and norms include: Super Duplex 2507 Chemical Injection Line Tube

GB Standards and Norms for China

In the following, all relevant standards are presented to the assigned standards for the area “Automotive” and “Industry”. MPR China Certification offers companies the corresponding services for product testing, voluntary certification, CCC certification, CCC self-declaration and translation, as well as services for tracking and verification of changes to the standards.

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GB Standards and Norms for China

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